High Performance Plastics Company

We utilize unique fine particle, adhesion and precise synthesis technologies to develop and provide high-performance and intermediate materials for a wide variety of fields such as Electronics, Mobility, Building and Infrastructure materials, Industry, etc.


We supply products such as fine particles, sealants and adhesives, and tapes and films that have functions including conductivity and insulation, thermal management, gap formation, and cushioning and protection for use in various types of displays, electrical devices, communications equipment, circuit boards, and semiconductors.


Products for Mobile Phone

Film and Tape

Functional foam tape

Conductive adhesive tape

Highly clear double-faced tape

Cushion material

High-adhesion, UV releasable tape

Substrates and Mounting Materials

Heat release products

Anisotropic conductive paste (Epowell AP)

(Fine particles)

Gap control spacers(Micropearl SP, GS)

Plastic core conductive particles(Micropearl AU)


UV curable adhesive(Photolec)


  • Materials | Microsphere(Fine particles)Homogeneous Microsphere Synthesis

    High-precision control and of microsphere with less variation help to make liquid crystal displays(LCDs) higher definition and smaller.

  • Materials | Functional ResinPhotoactive Material

    We develop strong adhesives with high heat resistance using our unique photosensitive materials technologies. In addition to UV curable adhesives which adhere in a certain period of time after being illuminated with ultraviolet rays, we also have a variety of other products for different uses, such as UV sealing agents.

  • Processing | Precision MoldingHigh-Precision Multi-layer Extrusion

    Using our multi-layer co-extrusion production method, we reduce adhesive deposits and can apply adhesives on adherends without leaving stains. Using variations of substrates and adhesives, they can be applied to optical films of different surface forms, such as matt surfaces and prism surfaces.

  • Materials | Microsphere(Fine particles)Microsphere Surface Functionalization

    The metallic plating layer is formed uniformly on fine resin particles with uniform diameters. In addition, the hardness and elasticity of particles can be configured through the resin core design.

  • Processing | Functional Thin FilmThin Film Depsition by Sputtering

    This is a technology for continuous deposition of inorganic performance films using high-precision sputters. In addition to transparent conductive films, the use of this technology is also spreading to other uses, such as heat reflection and electromagnetic wave shielding.

  • Materials | Functional ResinPolyvinyl butyral resin

    Using our unique technologies, we develop polyvinyl acetal resin products centered on polyvinyl butyral (PVB) resins suitable for various types of binders and primers.

  • Materials | Functional ResinEpoxy resin

    We develop our own epoxy resins for use in adhesive applications requiring high heat resistance and reliability, such as for semiconductors and electronic components.

  • Materials | Functional ResinHigh-Adhesive and Easy-Peelable Material

    This technology produces adhesives that have strong adhesive properties when in use, yet can easily be peeled off using triggers such as light or heat.

  • Materials | Functional ResinAdhesive Compound Design

    Using our unique adhesive design technologies, we achieve the high transparency and reliable adhesion (heat and moisture resistant) required for display uses, such as optical films and cover panels.

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In addition to interlayer film for laminated glass and foams and molded products for automobile interior and exterior parts, we supply heat release materials and electromagnetic wave protection materials for electric and autonomous driving devices. We also supply aircraft and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) interior and exterior parts and carbon fiber reinforced plastic molded products.


Automotive Materials

(Car Electronics)

Heat release materials for EV batteries

Functional foam tape

Highly clear double-faced tape

Gap control spacers(Micropearl SP, GS)

Plastic core conductive particles(Micropearl AU)

Plastic core solder balls(Micropearl SOL)

(For exteriors)

Watertight sealing material(EXSEAL)

Molded parts for vehicle exteriors

(For windows)

Interlayer film for laminated glass(S-LEC film)

  • ・ Sound insulation interlayer film
  • ・ Solar control interlayer film
  • ・ Sound insulation/solar control interlayer film
  • ・ Interlayer film for head-up display

(For interiors)

Polyolefin foam

Products Manufactured with High-Magnification Foam Molding Technology

Low-odor, low-VOC double-sided tape


  • Materials | Functional ResinAdhesive Compound Design (Low VOC)

    Our adhesive technologies suppress VOC and smell to achieve less impact on both the environment and humans. We do not use any of the 13 substances designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to be harmful to the human body.

  • Materials | Microsphere(Fine particles)Themoexpandable Microsphere

    Thermoexpandable microspheres, with independent air bubbles, have the excellent characteristic of being able to control the size of air bubbles through particle selection.

  • Processing | Precision MoldingMulti-layer Extrusion

    This technology adds a variety of functions by using different materials to make multi-layer molded films.

  • Processing | Polymer Processing FoundationHigh-Magnification Foaming

    This is a high-magnification foaming technology, where ultra-thin polypropylene resin is injection molded and expands to more than twice its thickness by the gas pressure within the resin.

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Building and Infrastructure materials

We supply materials and products that contribute to the safety and durability of buildings and infrastructure and to solving social problems, such as resin raw materials for heat-resistant pipes, fire-protection, non-combustible, and heat insulating materials, and rainwater storage materials.


  • Fire-resistant material (Fi-Block)

    Fire-resistant material (Fi-Block)

    This is an organic fire-resistant material which expands to form a heat insulation layer during fires. Unlike traditional board or felt-type inorganic fire-resistant materials, it comes in flexible sheets and tapes which can be easily bent or cut. Freedom of design is therefore significantly higher.

  • Chlorinated PVC resin compound (Durastream)

    Chlorinated PVC resin compound (Durastream)

    SEKISUI’s C-PVC is optimally mixed with additives (such as stabilizers and impact absorbers) to produce this compound which can be used to manufacture highly heat-resistant pipes and fittings.

  • Non-flammable polyurethane foam (PUXFLAME)

    Non-flammable polyurethane foam (PUXFLAME)

    This is a hard, non-flammable urethane foam made from certain resins and flame retardants. It is the first non-flammable resin approved by Japan’s Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

  • Architectural interlayer film (S-LEC film)

    Architectural interlayer film (S-LEC film)

    Interlayer films for architectural use made by multi-layer molding have greatly improved noise-reduction properties, and are excellent for decorative purposes.

  • Material for underground rainwater storage systems (CROSS WAVE)

    Material for underground rainwater storage systems (CROSS WAVE)

    It is buried underground to store rainwater. With its revolutionary efficiency in storing water, having a void ratio of 93%, it contributes to controlling the flow of rainwater and its effective use.


  • Materials | Functional ResinDesign of Fire Protection Material

    By aligning thermally expandable graphite when molding, it expands in the direction of thickness. This gives the maximum heat insulation.

  • Materials | Functional ResinChlorinated PVC (C-PVC)

    C-PVC is PVC with chlorine added. It is produced using SEKISUI CHEMICAL’s own PVC polymer and chlorination technology. C-PVC of excellent quality is used in our compounds.

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We supply products created from cutting-edge technologies, such as adhesives, packaging tapes, and plastic containers for use in daily life and throughout society.


  • Packaging tapes

    Packaging tapes

    We offer a wide range of tapes which can be used for various applications depending on the base material. In addition, we also have environmentally friendly products which use fewer resources (by using recycled materials) and reduce waste.

  • Hot melt adhesive

    Hot melt adhesive

    This adhesive is a plastic resin that adheres instantly. It is solid at room temperature but becomes a liquid when heated. It is applied in liquid form. It rapidly cools several seconds after pressure joining, enabling it to function as an adhesive.

  • Water soluble film for harsh chemical packaging (Ultiloc film)

    Water soluble film for harsh chemical packaging (Ultiloc film)

    This is a harsh chemical resistant and water-soluble film made using our unique polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) resin and formulation technology. It can reduce wasted packaging materials and enable the easy and safe handling of chemicals.

  • Recycled plastic containers

    Recycled plastic containers

    This product uses plastic material waste (recycled container materials) and waste plastic. We have minimized our impact on the environment by using 100%* recycled materials. This was made possible by utilizing our original sandwich formation technology that sandwiches the recycled container materials (core layer) with recycled plastic (skin layer). (*Excluding coloring materials)

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Research center

research center


The Minase Innovation Center is the base where you can get hints of solutions to your problems while enjoying our core techonologies and unique products.