Sekisui Chemical Group will push forward corporate activities grounded in digital transformation in order to support the basis of LIFE and to continue to create “peace of mind for the future” in order to realize a sustainable society.

Our Philosophy

Sekisui Chemical Group’s digital transformation (DX) mission is to accelerate and support the growth strategies and structural reforms necessary to realize its long-term vision. To achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly uncertain business environment, we will take another look at conventional governance as well as business and operating processes, while undergoing a transformation from the perspectives of “visualization and standardization,” “productivity increase” and “sophistication”*1. We hope to remain a company that continues to provide value to society by raising productivity, shifting “people” to value-based operations, and challenging our employees to meet their full potential.
Under the medium-term management plan, we will help resolve current issues*2 in an effort to strengthen the promotion structure while supporting growth strategies and structural reforms and undertake the necessary preparations for long-term growth*3.

  • *1
    Visualization and standardization: Standardize operations, introduce ERP, renew infrastructure and network
    Increase productivity: Automation / unmanned shifts, improve operational efficiency through the use of digital technology, ICT and AI
    Sophistication: Increase the sophistication of operational control, governance and the supply chain
  • *2
    Promote sophistication in an effort to standardize and enhance the competitiveness of the business management, R&D, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and purchasing domains.
  • *3
    Strengthen the IT base: Security, network, data collection/analysis platform, etc.