Human Resources

Taking into consideration diversity and the workplace environment, Sekisui Chemical Group will develop human resources who actively take on challenges as a part of efforts to support the basis of LIFE and to continue to create “peace of mind for the future” in order to realize a sustainable society.

Management Approach

Our Philosophy

Based on our belief that “employees are precious assets bestowed on us by society,” we, Sekisui Chemical Group, are committed to developing an environment where employees can work enthusiastically. We also offer various opportunities through which we help individual employees enhance their “unique skills” while achieving personal growth.
We also firmly believe that we have a responsibility towards the society to uphold human rights of every individual, respect employees' diversity, personality, and individuality, create diverse work places meeting the needs of the countries and regions we operate in, and allow diverse ways for people to work and be at ease at their work place.
This fundamental way of thinking regarding human resources is shared throughout the entire Group, and we are striving to ensure that our work places enable diverse personnel to play an active role, fulfilling for each and every person.

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