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Polyolefin foam

Polyolefin foam

SOFTLON®, and Volara® developed using Sekisui's unique irradiated cross-linking technology, are highly foaming materials in sheet form produced by polyethylene heat-foaming of 5 to 50 times more than their original size. The major characteristic of these products is that they consist of nearly 100 percent closed-cell foam. They are lightweight and flexible,and offer excellent characteristics such as thermal insulation, impact resistance, thermal resistance, and flame resistance. Compared to other materials, they are easier to cut, punch and press mold, and can also be processed in other ways. They also have a wide range of applications: automotive interior materials, medical, information technology related, construction underlayment materials, insulation and piping for air conditioning, materials for packaging or distribution, industrial insulation products, sports and leisure products, consumer goods, and medical care.

  • Smooth, flexible, with a beautiful surface
  • High flexibility for high impact-resistance
  • Closed cell foam: High water and thermal resistance (insulative performance does not vary over time)
  • Lightweight, highly buoyant
  • High chemical resistance
  • High weather resistance: Minimal degradation or color change
  • Wide range of processing possibilities for many applications such as molding


Main applications: Interior materials such as cushioning material for head liners, trunk mats, and door trim.


Medical pads

IT Rerated

LCD packing and sealing

Building and Construction

Insulation, moisture-proof or water-proof roofing materials, materials for gap adjustment, joint sealants for civil engineering and construction work, base materials, curing sheets, and antifreeze materials for the prevention of mud pumping on roads or rail roads.

Industrial thermal insulation

Insulation materials for air conditioning or refrigeration equipment, anti-freezing materials for water pipes, heat insulation materials for pipes and bathtubs, moisture-proof materials for sinks, tape base materials, and gaskets.


Gaskets, cushioning materials for packaging laminated wood, materials for packaging, cushioning and protection for electrical appliances, precision apparatuses, industrial components, furniture and containers, and corner pads.

Sports, leisure and consumer goods

Sports equipment such as beat boards for swimming and gym mats, and consumer goods such as bath equipment, kitchen equipment, and backing materials for mats.


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