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Pipeline renewal

Pipeline  renewal

Pipelines are indispensable to our daily living. However, their deterioration progresses steadily through years of use after the installations. Therefore, immediate measures are required to be taken for those pipelines that do not meet the initially-planned functions any more.Rapid urbanization progresses in the course of modernization of our society. But, big-scale construction and installation works are not accepted as they cause the factors of social environment discouragement, such as traffic congestion or ambient noise. The era, in which new pipelines have been installed for the problem-solution, is facing its end now. We are now seeing a new era for pipelines renewal by utilizing maintenance management and existing pipelines. First, we grasp the status-quo of the pipelines. Next, we survey and check up effective maintenance management. Then, we submit our total proposal of the checkup findings and life pipelines. This is SEKISUI’s Pipeline renewal Solution, by which we contribute to society.

SPR Method

The SPR process is unique as it can provide a customized structural solution to aging pipelines and/or a corrosion barrier and is designed for installation without flow interrupt. It can be engineer to correct hydraulic anomalies as well as restore the slope of the original pipe. The patented double locking profile creates an impermeable mechanical lock that can withstand strong deformational forces. SPR PVC profiles have a Mannings "N" Value of .010. SPR PVC materials have been tested in accordance with industry standards and approved to meet the following: ASTM F1697-07 - Standard Specification for PVC Profile Strip for Machine Spiral-Wound Liner Pipe Renewal of Existing Sewers and Conduits 6-180 inches. ASTM F1741-07 – Standard Practice for installation for Machine Spiral-Wound PVC Liner Pipe for Renewal of Existing Sewers and Conduits.

Inspection System

Impact Elastic Wave Inspection and Diagnosis System
Impact Elastic Wave Inspection and Diagnosis Method is to inspect damage, crack and reduction of wall thickness quantitatively by analyzing distribution of frequency through generating impact elastic wave by stroking pipe.

Image Expansion System

Conduct speedy inspection and diagnosis for whole circumference inside of pipeline, just by having equipment go through the pipeline straight with 190°degree extremely wide range view camera that exceeds fish-eye view angle.

New Pipeline:Vacuum Sewer System "SIVAC"

The“SIVAC”vacuum sewer system being a wastewater collection system can be utilized in urban,residential agricultural and fishery housing areas, and resort and recreational areas, where the topography is flat and there is high water table and/or soft ground conditions.


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